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Testimonials for NYC Allergist Clifford Basset M.D.


Allergy & Asthma Care of New York - Patient Testimonials

  For years I suffered from watery eyes, scratchy throat, and constant congestion. I had trouble enjoying the beautiful Spring weather because of my allergies. However, since being treated at Allergy & Asthma Care of New York I finally have relief from my symptoms and can look forward to the Spring! - Jackie, age 23
  I would highly recommend allergy shots! After receiving these injections I can watch pollen swirl in the air, and I have absolutely no sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy throat, nasal stuffiness or cough. I can finally enjoy spring! - Thomas, age 50
  What started as "hay fever" at the age of 22 soon progressed over the years to debilitating indoor and outdoor allergeies in my late 20's. Following my visit to see Dr. Bassett who quickly diagnsoed my exact allergies during the past year of treatment I barely have allergies, even on high pollen days. I haven't felt so healthy and energetic in 10 years. I have my life back thanks to Dr. Bassett and his team! Wow a good one! - Peter R.
Since moving to NYC I have suffered from horrible congestion and allergies that have limited my experiences in the city. After being treated by Dr. Basset and his team I have been able to enjoy the city and the wonderful outdoor activities it has to offer. Thanks Dr Basset! - Alyssa, age 22
Before I started to receive allergy treatment with Dr. Bassett and his associates, I had severe symptoms including headaches. Now, after I received allergy injections I could enjoy outdoor activities. Since starting allergy treatments my allergy symptoms and headaches are almost non-existent and I am able to enjoy outdoor activities. - Glen, age 46
  Just imagine, I no longer need medication to relieve my allergy symptoms! - Susan, age mid thirties
  Allergy & Asthma Care of New York helped these patients overcome their asthma, pet allergy, and seasonal allergy symptoms, and they can help you too. Stop suffering! Click here to find an office near you and book an appointment today.

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